Raised in Los Angeles, Kimberly now lives in gorgeous, rural Richmond, VA with her handsome math teacher/rock musician husband and two highly ill-mannered dogs.

A member of the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS), American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)  and Authors Guild, Kimberly's writings encompass film, politics/op-ed, male spectator sports, travel, pop culture, women's issues, humor, dating and dogs (though it's funny, dogs seldom date). Her political commentary for www.womensnews.org has been picked up by the international www.truthout.org on several occasions.

Aside from her national and international movie reviews for various publications, she's been published over 1,100 times in the last eleven years, from the West Coast to the East, from The Oregonian to The Boston Globe. Film articles for Salon.com, doddle, IndieMoviesOnline.com; sports columns in Denver and Detroit; various family film guides for parenting magazines; a DVD film column for seniors; and Pacific Northwest travel, including revisions of Fodor's travel books (Fodor's Pacific Northwest, Fodor's In Focus Portland) ... it's all good. Though no one's ever asked to see it, she has an MFA from UCLA.

The Late Bride (refers to years rather than minutes and no, no one's dead):

She walked down the aisle for the first time while her peers were investigating colleges for their kids. See Transported by Love.

The Prior Actress:

What better training ground for a writer than surviving through a past life as a performer? Rejections for one's literary scratchings are mere chicken feed compared to being rejected for one's hair color, posture, teeth, you-name-it. Said theatrical life entailed:

  • starring in a Shredded Wheat commercial, shrieking the word "Fat!" up a two-octave scale while breakfasting at a humongous dining room table;

  • appearing in an off-off-Broadway production of "Buskers," singing and dancing in fluffy slippers about cheap groceries;

  • hawking her wares in a series of dullish guest spots in a cavalcade of turgid television mini-series and dramas;

  • working as a singing bartender/waitress in many a gay bar in Manhattan, where life is still rumored to be a cabaret; and

  • touring in children's theater, sharing the stage with a rubber chicken in the dead of winter. In Buffalo.

The Law Firm:

When glamorous actresses first started sashaying through TV series centered around upscale attorneys, she yearned for the law ... primarily because of the gorgeous designer suits and great heels. But rather than toil away in law school, she went directly to work at an entertainment law firm, eventually taking on the job of contract administrator. As for the heels? Wow, she'd never talk about any of her old employers that way.

Not Kim Basinger:

When first starting out as an actress, her prior name of "Kim Brassner" was often confused with another woman's moniker, some blonde called "Kim Basinger." Which made the rejection by Hollywood casting directors, agents and managers all the worse. So Kim Brassner became Kimberly Hall, who eventually morphed into the married Kimberly Gadette. Which is why she sometimes looks confused when simply asked to state her name.

"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force."

~ Dorothy Parker



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